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Buying and Selling Instagram accounts

Buying and selling Instagram accounts: The benefits and dangers.

One option for many people who want to start their own business or promote it is buying an Instagram account with a considerable number of followers.

In this article, we will review the benefits and dangers of buying and selling an Instagram account. 

The Advantages of Buying an Instagram Account

Buying good Instagram accounts has numerous advantages which encourage many start-up businesses to buy them.

 Here are some advantages:

1. Having a noticeable number of followers right from the start

2. The possibility of already having a vast number of potential customers on the account

3. The ease of attracting the audience due to the high number of followers, based on the social proof theory

4. The high engagement rate the page will have compared to the newly-made accounts

5. Higher authority on Instagram because of the page’s age

The Disadvantages of Buying an Instagram Account

The features mentioned above were the advantages of buying an account that might be efficient at first. But, it has some adverse aspects as well, which can have destructive effects on the purchased account:

1. After modifying the name and theme of the Instagram account, its engagement rate will normally decrease up to 70%

2. Instagram may disable the account if you begin deleting all the posts and changing the account name, as Instagram discourages accounts from being sold and such activity is a red flag.

3. Followers are less likely to trust an account if it radically alters it’s niche or name – If buying an account, ensure they already do something you are interested in. For example, if you are hoping to promote a weight loss product, buy an account that is already about weight loss, exercise or healthy lifestyles. Don’t pick up a cheap account about dogs.

4. It’s hard to find and buy a good Instagram account. Many that are up for sale have had their numbers inflated with lots of fake followers

Find out where to buy and sell Instagram accounts:


Flippa is the world’s leading digital real estate marketplace. It is a meeting place for online business owners to trade assets ranging from blogs to SaaS assets, apps and eCommerce stores, and much more.

Flippa is simple to use, and even a novice can quickly learn how to use it. You don’t need any IT experience to get started with this platform. The homepage itself is inviting, with simple navigation to wherever you want to go.

If you are a seller, it will take you no more than ten minutes to create a listing.

Flippa provides numerous options to filter through if you are a buyer, making it easier to discover what you are looking for among the millions of listings.


Fameswap is a popular Instagram trading company. They allow people to buy and sell Instagram accounts. A trusted site for this particular activity.

They are quick and efficient. Their safety policies are also well maintained. They set trading rules and make sure their customers follow them.

Payments are also made through trusted sources to ensure transaction security. The team closely monitors and checks all accounts that will be sold.

After a purchase is made, Fameswap provides 24/7 customer support. They have a strong communication channel for complaints.

They also offer encrypted messaging. Buyers and sellers can communicate directly.

Insta sale

Insta sale is another place to find a suitable Instagram account for your business. Select Instagram accounts from a pool of well-established and engaging accounts in various industries.

They cover topics such as travel, beauty, nature, fitness, sports, and more. The team verifies all accounts for trading safety.

The website also lists the benefits of using this method. They mention how creating a business profile from scratch can take time and effort. Buying a niche-specific account is faster.

Payment information for both the seller and the buyer is kept confidential, ensuring data security. The website is also designed to be user-friendly.


Another interactive and well-designed Instagram account trading website. Social Tradia, based in Toronto, buys and sells Instagram accounts.

Their website is very appealing and has all the information you need about the account trades. Buying Instagram accounts has many advantages over buying followers.

Their services are categorised by industry and number of followers. The homepage hosts a drop-down menu for industries and a drop-down menu for classifying accounts based on followers and engagement.

They ensure that all transactions are safe and use reputable payment methods. They also guarantee delivery of accounts within 3 hours or 3 business days. The account credentials are sent to the buyer’s email.

Too Fame

After 5 years in business, Too Fame has gained public acceptance. In addition to over 700 happy customers, Too Fame is one of the most trusted Instagram account marketplaces. They let you buy and sell Instagram accounts.

They also guarantee that the followers are genuine and not just bots. This improves account performance. They ensure that the accounts on their platform are authentic and strategic.

In this area, they have a lot of knowledge. Also, effective. They respond to payments within 24 hours.

They are enthusiastic about their work and want to serve only the best. They also offer a 7-day refund policy for unhappy customers. They are constantly improving their product.


Instagram accounts can be bought and sold on E-flipo. The website’s reviews reflect the quality of their work. Also, they have connections with influencers who can help promote your brand.

They guarantee safe payment methods and verified accounts. The team thoroughly verifies all accounts provided by the seller before putting them up for sale.

One characteristic that sets them aside is their detailed growth analysis report for the accounts they sell. This helps the buyer make an informed purchase decision.

This helps them choose a better product. This builds customer trust and satisfaction.

Their influencer support is also an intriguing way to increase one’s online presence using shoutouts.

Buying and selling Instagram accounts is thus a promising method of digital marketing. That’s the newest marketing strategy. It also works well for retaining existing customers.

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