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How to Maximise your Ko-Fi Income

Ko-fi has a reputation of being an up-and-coming location for earning extra income as a creative or freelancer. This happens either through donations, memberships, or direct sales and commissions. Although it is a very simple concept, starting out on Ko-fi can be difficult, as you need to establish a presence, either on your Ko-Fi page or on your other platforms that you are directing towards your Ko-Fi profile.  In this article, we will be showcasing and going through methods of increasing your income on Ko-fi using straightforward techniques. In addition to that, we will briefly review a few case studies on users who are successfully using Ko-Fi.

The first tip, an obvious one, is that you need to provide added value to your fans. Make sure what you are providing for the consumer is deemed of equal or greater value than the payment you are hoping to receive. By providing this value to your fans and followers, they will not only donate more frequently but also be willing to offer up larger sums of money. Your product or service is benefiting them in many ways and thus is a fair exchange. Take a step back and analyse your work. Do you put anything on the table that is worth the money that you are looking for? Aspire to make the answer to that question a yes.

Next, personalise and improve your Ko-fi site. If you do not put the effort in to do so, why should your fans go to the effort of supporting you – you need to invest the time in yourself. Ko-fi provides many features to personalising your page to make it look attractive and beautifully showcase your work and skills. The more detailed and descriptive your page is, the more likely fans will follow through and donate. If you care, they care.

The final tip is truly the simplest. Let people know about your Ko-fi website. You cannot receive any income if people don’t know about your website. Mention it at the bottom of social posts, within YouTube videos, or whatever creative output you are making. It is a numbers game, so as your fan base grows, the numbers following your page and making donations should rise too.

Ko-Fi Successes

All these tips are good on theory but does anyone generate income on Ko-fi? Here are some examples.

  1. AviSchiffmann

AviSchiffmann is a political website creator that developed websites on COVID-19 and presidential elections. If you like either of his websites, his Ko-fi page allows you to buy him a coffee for $3! AviSchiffmann has opted to have his settings so that Ko-Fi does not simply provide you with a summary of how many donations have been received, providing his income with some privacy. We cannot say how much money he has made, but scrolling down through hundreds of “Somebody bought a Coffee for AviSchiffmann” seems to indicated that his work is appreciated and he is making bank.

Marc is a cartoonist that makes comics only for monthly subscribers on Ko-fi, although he also accepts the offer of a coffee! He has created different tiers for his offerings and currently makes £600 a month from these subscriptions. In addition, he received “coffee” donations a few times a month and 400 times overall, at $3 a drink. His page shows that he takes commissions and has an active shop on the site also. Very nice!

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