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What is OnlyFans, and who is using it?

What is OnlyFans?

As the Covid-19 crisis continues to burn its way around the globe, online content creation has become the dream of an ever-growing section of the internet community dreaming who dream of creating and controlling their own online income. For those blessed to be the prettiest, most creative or most entertaining, this has led to a surge in the cult of personality. Creators are not leveraging a traditional skill set, but have instead turned themselves into entertainers, and as has always been true, some entertainment is not meant for younger audiences.


Whilst sites like Patreon will allow risqué or even a little nudity, if your lure is to provide fully adult material (yes, we’re talking explicit nudity and porn in general), you’ll not be able to use that sort of platform. That is where OnlyFans comes in. OnlyFans launched in 2016. It permits content creators the opportunity to post explicit material and use that to leverage a monthly subscription from fans.

Who is using OnlyFans?

Whilst OnlyFans has gained a reputation for entertaining the racy side of social media, Without any shadow of a doubt, OnlyFans is most famous for its users being young, attractive, female entertainers who derive income from a heavily male audience, but that is not to say that all the content shared is adult in nature, or that the site is exclusively for female content creators.

High profile female members include the likes of Cardi B, Bella Thorne, Sonja Morgan and Blac Chyna, whilst men are represented by Tyler Posey, Tyga, Aaron Carter and Austin Mahone. Some of these celebs share NSFW content, whilst others use OnlyFans as a platform to speak their mind without fear of censorship. And that is the reality of the entire OnlyFans platform, many users are not sharing explicit material, but have found a home here that allows them to generate support from a fan base. Like with Patreon, OnlyFans provides a lifeline to illustrators, musicians, and any other type of artist you can think of. As the other platforms continue to restrict what words can be said, the freedom afforded by OnlyFans will only make the site appeal to a wide base.

Social Interaction

OnlyFans excels in allowing easy and organised communication between a creator and their fans. You can directly message individuals or your entire fan base, and you can post images that are pay-per-view. Whilst operating differently, OnlyFans has a feel very vibe to Twitter, so if that is your platform of choice you might do well with funnelling fans to OnlyFans and communicating to them there.


One thing it does lack is an app, unlike Kickstarter and Patreon. This is a legacy of the site allowing adult material on the platform, as Apple Store and Google Play do not allow such practices in their approved apps.

Getting Paid

Because of the site’s association with adult material, many payment providers will not allow the site to make use of them. As a result, payments are made directly to your bank or an e-wallet, rather than to a card or via PayPal. You’ll need $20 or more (about £15) in order to cash out, but given the number of success stories on the internet of people making several thousand $/£ a month, that shouldn’t be a barrier to using the platform.

In addition to subs, which have a base of $4.99 but can be any price you like, your fans can tip you, and of course you can provide links for fans to buy your merch.


Overall, OnlyFans is a great platform, with a solid communication dashboard, easy to use interface, and you may gain fans without even posting anything saucy thanks to its reputation. That said, given that the average reaction to telling people that you have an OnlyFans page is to raise an eyebrow and assume you’re posting lewds, if that’s not what you’re up to you might want to consider carefully before you join. If you do decide it’s for you, click here to go sign up to OnlyFans. If you need a platform without any overt connotations, check out our review of Patreon.

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