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What is Patreon, and is it for you?

Create Support at Patreon.

Patreon is a website dedicated to creating a platform of support for creators. Musicians, illustrators, streaming superstars and many other types of artists use Patreon to leverage their fanbase into an income. In the turmoil that is the year 2021, having an alternative funding source to traditional employment or the grind of surviving from the sale of your art could be a literal life saver.

Patreon allows a monthly (or per creation) payment from your fans supporters, to help you continue your work. In exchange they receive rewards in a series of tiers, allowing you, the creator, the opportunity to offer a widely appealing reward for many, such as early access to your work, or exclusive content, and higher tiers can offer this plus more, such as physical copies of prints, signed presses of your latest vinyl album, and so on. A popular method of reward is the inclusion of some or all of the Patreons names at the end of Youtube videos… perfect if that’s your medium.

Monthly subscription verses Per Creation

The monthly support method is perfect for artists with irregular content. If you’re liable to do a flurry of videos, or illustrations and then go silent for a few weeks, this would work well for you – though being regular is going to help maintain or grow your support base. The other option is to take support on a per creation basis. Dedicated creators with a strict work ethic will profit the most from this. If you were to check out Leo Moraccioli / Leapfrog Studio on Youtube and then head over to the patreon page (image below) you’ll see that he has his page set up for payments per video. Churning out one new epic metal cover every week means that whilst he can offer a relatively low entry point, those payments will quickly mount up. Patreons can select to only support a limited number of creations per month, to avoid getting fleeced, but this could still be the more lucrative option for consistent creation.

Patreon Features and Benefits

The platform allows a direct communication method between creators and their biggest fans. Whilst a YouTube channel may be flooded with adoring comments, it is the fans willing to put their hands in their pockets to support you, the creator, that are going to be the most important to you. They want to be more involved with you, and having the ability to privately comment, send suggestions or even help give direction to projects can be very enticing and should be considered as part of the reward structure.

Patreon has an integrated RSS feed system to allow different fees to different tier supporters, as well as discord integration, with automatic member level assignment available. Podcasters and article writers might find the RSS especially helpful, whilst YouTubers and gamers might enjoy the discord function.

Can I post adult material on Patreon?

Patreon allows mature content, including nudity, on it’s platform. However, if it veers into the realm of pornographic, Patreon can and does ban users. Anything that fits into the realm of 18+ but not porn should be okay, but you’ll lose the ability to be found in the search options and have to rely on fans coming to you via a direct link. In all honesty, we would recommend that you check out our OnlyFans article, if your material is going to better suited an adult audience.

What’s in it for the Patreon site?

Patreon takes a cut of the subscription sent your way, as virtually all platforms do. Of course, they only take money when you make money, so there is no risk of running up a bill or losing money here. Fee’s range between 5 and 12% of the pledged funds that are going to the creator, plus a processing fee to take the payments in the first place. They pay out to you via PayPal or Payoneer, and there is a small fee for each.

You can track your pledges, the money collected and even contact individual members directly through the Patreon dashboard. As a final thought, don’t forget that like most forms of income, you will be expected to declare the income and pay any due taxes. Patreon can be very lucrative, with many top earnings making more than £150,000 per year from Patreon, but you don’t want that hard work to go up in smoke by forgetting to keep it legit.

If you feel Patreon is the place for you, follow our step by step Patreon guide to help you to be up and running in no time.

If your planned project is a one-off big-deal kind of thing, you might want to check out our article on Kickstarter. If your content is going to be more about you, rather than what you can make, run your eyes over our OnlyFans overview.

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