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How Do Influencers Make Money on TikTok

How Do Influencers Make Money on TikTok

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world today. It is reported that in 2018, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube were downloaded more often than Evernote. Now is the time to find out what it is if you still don’t know.

Influencers can gain exposure to over 500 million users on the TikTok platform, which has more than 1 billion downloads and usage figures from iTunes and Google Play.

Running an agency that focuses a lot on TikTok, I’ve been testing some campaigns for clients and brainstorming ways to earn money on TikTok using the same techniques used for Instagram, YouTube and Twitch. Four ways I personally recommend to TikTok influencers for making money:

1. Gifting

TikTok allows users to live-stream and join thousands of users for live comments and chatting. Using the app, the viewers can donate coins. Coins are a virtual currency that anyone can purchase with a fingerprint or a facial recognition. Users can donate pro-rata of their coin purchases to influencers during live sessions.

2. Influencer Marketing

Instagram and YouTube have both gained popularity through social media marketing throughout the years. As an influencer, you may be paid to promote products or services to your following. Users of TikTok have the option of creating a video in their own style to promote a company’s product(s). Depending on the influencer’s audience and preferences, it may be comedic, entertaining, or informative. The amount of compensation can vary based on factors such as the number of followers, engagement rate, product or service promoted, number of videos produced, and geography.

3. Merchandising

Creating and selling your own merchandise (clothing lines are the most profitable for content creators) is another way to make money with TikTok. A sense of community and a huge following are essential for influencers to gain the maximum revenue.

4. Events and Brand Partnerships

Additionally, influencers can earn money through TikTok by attending conferences, music festivals, and other events where they are invited to promote a brand, perform on stage (singing or dancing), or meet their followers.

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