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What are Fiverr seller levels?

Fiverr is a Freelancing platform that has a simple seeming system for pricing and earning. When it first set out, gigs were set at $5, hence the name. Fiverr kept $1 and passed the rest on to the seller. Of course, with time, more complex jobs have been added and sellers have advanced in levels and can now charge hundreds of dollars for some gigs.

Fiverr uses a system of levels to help buyers to know what sort of seller they are approaching, and also to give the buyers a sense of achievement and something to strive to obtain and hold onto. There are a number of requirements to achieve each level and some rewards for achieving them.

If you are joining the site as a seller, it is worth noting that once you hit the targets for your level, you will have to wait for the 15th of the month for the next round of automatic reviews to take you up to your next level. Let’s dive in and take a look at the requirements.

New Seller – Fresh out the blocks

Fiverr New Seller

As you can see, as a new seller you can initially create up to 7 gigs. This is to prevent new sellers from flooding the market with hundreds of gigs in an attempt to scoop up every little bit of business. Trust me, if they could, some of them would. As a new seller, you are untried, and therefore a little bit of a gamble for buyers to approach. The trade-off on this is that you are obviously going to be cheaper than the competition.

Level 1 Seller – The first step up

Fiverr Level 1

Reaching level one is the first step on the way to success. To reach this goal you have to reach all of the targets above. Given that the average gig is selling for $5 for most logo and basic design services or 500 words worth of writing, this can take a fair while. About 60 days in our experience. Provide excellent customer service, prompt deliveries, and do what you promised and you should have no problem attractive 5-star reviews. If you are interested in more information on the Level 1 journey, check out this article on our experience of reaching Fiverr Level 1.

As you can see, the rewards for reaching this level are fairly incremental and the most important, in our opinion, is the ability to expand to up to 10 gigs. Reaching this level proves that you are completing the work you are asked to provide and becoming experienced in the gig economy. Don’t expect to be jacking your prices up too much just yet though.

Once you achieve Level 1 status, you become eligable to be able to promote your listings for a fee. Fiverr will give you $10 to test the waters with and see if it is for you.

Level 2 Seller – Playing in the Big League

Reaching level 2 is very similar to the previous level. The process is automatic, happening on the 15th of the month after you’ve hit all the targets. The $2000 target is going to be your biggest hurdle and the thing most likely to keep you waiting. Once you turn level 2, the expectations on you are significantly higher. While Level 2 is not the highest rank on Fiverr, it is certainly where the big money begins rolling in. In all honestly, none of the targets for level 2 should be hard to hit, just provide excellent customer services, do as you promise, and deliver on time. Eventually, you’ll reach the big leagues.

The rewards for level 2 are quite nice. You now get twice the gigs of a level 1 seller, so with 20 gigs on the go and a higher price point due to being able to raise your fees, it should be possible to start looking at Fiverr as an income, rather than as a side hustle. You gain priority Customer Service support from Fiverr, in case you are having problems, and sellers with interesting and original gigs may be invited to the Customer Success program.

This is the highest level you can achieve automatically on Fiverr. After this, manual appraisals take place.

Top Rated Sellers – Top of the world!

Fiverr Level Top Rated

This level is the literal gold standard, check out the shiny gold button! It is applied manually to you after Fiverr vet your listings. Although the reason for this being a manual review is not given, we would suspect that they look very closely at your gigs and your progress and make sure there are no irregularities. If you’ve been doing something shady, like having a friend spend thousands of dollars to bump you up the listing, this is probably when you’ll get caught and banned. So keep it clean bro!

To achieve this standard, you’ve got to have been with the site for half a year, have completed over 100 orders (easy!), and earned over $20,000. That sounds shockingly hard, but remember that having passed through the level 2 stage, your gigs should have been netting you a lot more profit per order, so this becomes more achievable. Don’t be put off!

The chances are, if you are gunning for Top Rated Seller, you plan to make this your career, and with the number of gigs available to you rising to 30, that should certainly help. As an added bonus, your funds from completed jobs will now be available to withdraw in just 7 days, rather than 14 – though thats not an overly big deal if we’re honest.


Remember that all Top Rated Sellers were once New Sellers, working for a meager $5 an order until they did their time and began to move up the ranks. In the New and Level 1 sellers there are plenty of shady plagiarises that will eventually be caught and banned. Work hard and be original with your products and you’ll do great, just give it time.

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